ASD Classes at Kilruane National School

ASD Classes attached to mainstream schools provide a level of additional supports and resources for children with Autism, which they may not receive in an exclusively mainstream school setting. 

The Board of Management at Kilruane National School opened its first class catering for children with Autism in September 2018, a second class was opened the following year, in September 2019. 

Children enrolled in our ASD classes can work in their own classrooms and/or integrate with their peers in mainstream classrooms at a level which suits their individual needs. Basically, the children participate in the primary school curriculum in a way which is which is tailored to meet their specific needs, both in content and delivery. 

Additional supports and resources are provided throughout the school day in the areas the children may find challenging. Generally, the pupil teacher ratio in each class is one teacher to six pupils, with at least 2 SNA’s attached to each classroom.

The school has been sanctioned government funding to build a state of the art teaching facility for the purpose of offering this highly specialised teaching to the children in these classes. This facility when complete, will provide fully furnished base classrooms, quiet spaces, a Sensory Room, a Central Activities Space and purpose designed outdoor play areas. The new extension will be fully integrated into the existing school and will also incorporate two new mainstream classrooms.