School Uniform

Our school uniform choices below offer great flexibility for parents and our pupils. We choose to put your child’s comfort first. Our official school tracksuit is the only item of clothing which is compulsory.

Many parents opt to purchase the official school tracksuit and light grey polo shirt only and children can wear it to school every day. If this is your preference, you will need black shorts/black skort, which can be we worn 

( instead of tracksuit bottom) in warmer weather. 

As some parents prefer to have more formal items of uniform or lighter items of uniform for warmer weather, parents are free to purchase a jumper/ cardigan/ shirt/ trousers/ skirt etc. if they prefer to have options.

We have one simple rule, royal blue on top and dark grey on the bottom, please choose from the items below. 

The only sweatshirt allowed is the official school tracksuit top, with school name.


  • Grey Trousers
  • Grey Shirt
  • Royal blue V-neck jumper
  • School Tie 
  • School Tracksuit and grey polo shirt
  • Black shorts (in Summer)


  • Grey Pinafore/Skirt
    and/or grey trousers/tracksuit bottom

  • Grey or black tights / socks

  • Royal blue V-neck jumper/cardigan

  • Grey shirt

  • School Tie

  • School Tracksuit and grey polo shirt
    Black shorts or black skort (in Summer)


Further Information:

  • School ties (Slattery’s, Nenagh).
  • School Tracksuit, available at ‘A Sportsman’s Dream’, Nenagh, only.
  • The remaining items on our school uniform list can be purchased “nationwide”.
  • All school trousers/tracksuit bottoms must be dark uniform grey,without stripes/emblems/logos.